Powerhouse Global Stars (PGS)

About Us

Powerhouse Global Stars (PGS) is a global publication for leaders and aspiring leaders who are difference makers in their fields of purposes. PGS is a sister publication to Powerhouse Global Magazine which is a leading global publication, and has featured President and First Lady of a Nation, Royalties and top notch leaders from all spheres of influence.

Powerhouse Global Stars is focused on profiling leaders and achievers from all walks of life. And in addition, she will be helping more businesses to get noticed by industrial decision makers through advertisements and articles placements.

Our Vision

We see Powerhouse Global Stars (PGS) becoming one of the ‘preferred’ publication for leaders and aspiring leaders.

Our Mission

  • To serve the global leadership market by showcasing their brilliance in our publication
  • To collaborate with key players in the global market
  • To support the charities with some of our platform and some of our revenues
  • To become contenders in the global market
  • To provide quality and affordable services to those we do business with
  • To create job opportunities for others
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