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Powerhouse Global Magazine August 2022

Dr. Joseph E. Ikhalia (PhD)

I have spent the last ten years working in cybersecurity across various sectors like healthcare, e-gaming, education, and managed IT services.

At the start of my career, I developed one of the world’s first two-factor authenticated social networks – “Sleeky” – using an innovative random number generator system.

During my doctoral research, I created the world’s first social network security awareness platform – “social network criminal” and won the award for innovation in Computer Science at Brunel University.

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August 2021 – 4th Week

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Karen is the CEO and Founder of Konscious Konsulting LLC. She is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Akon Global LLC. Karen has worked with many top brands by helping them to deliver quality and sustainable projects around the world.


Stacia is the mother and manager of the hottest rapper of 2020 (POLO G). She is also the Founder/CEO of Only Dreamers Achieve.


Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and we have a collective responsibility to support and embrace small businesses and
entrepreneurs who are struggling to regain their footing during this challenging time.

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Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw is an Award winning Global Impact Leader, Best Selling Author, Change Agent, Life Coach, and the Creator of the Powerhouse Global Brand (Powerhouse Global Magazine, Powerhouse Global Awards and Powerhouse Global Conferences).

Her eye for beauty, her talent for design, and her imaginative and creative skills have led her to build a global social media platform that helps further her social work. Culminating in an elegant and most sophisticated publication that serves humanity and shares their stories, she’s managed to create a world where to feature women and men alike. Her brilliant use of social media allows her to vastly influences the masses. With a distribution reach of 73 countries from around the world Lady Anita helps feed minds and touch souls.

Providing basic education for children, designing skills acquisition programs for women, and fostering social skills for youngsters, feeding over 1000 children and supporting more than 1000 women through her work within her foundation since the inception in 2016.

Lady Anita is a true embodiment of a servant leader. She has created a platform for men and women alike from all spheres of life to showcase their brilliance. A place leaders have come to love. Through online presence she gives hope to many people – especially women.

Her own personal struggles gave birth to her purpose. Having grown up in Africa, she understands first hand, the importance of supporting others and helping provide ways to have life’s basic needs met. She found a solution and therefore, created her foundation Powerful Global Women Foundation (PGWF) in 2016 in Nigeria and subsequently, her most radiant Powerhouse Global Magazine publications .

It is both Lady Anita’s personal and professional mission to assist and serve others. Lady Anita travels the world speaking at conferences and organizing Powerhouse Global events.

She lives by her motto of: Transforming Lives – one person at a time. Utilizing her voice, she addresses pressing issues and topics related to her work. Topics such as: Global Visibility; Your Voice. Your Power; Reposition for change;The Leading Leader; Risk to Reward; Healing From Within; The Road To Discovery and others.